Clever Sensing

Join the 4th Industrial Revolution and the world of IOT!

We provide a full range of serivices and technology to support remote sensing initiatives. Our offering includes:

Requirement definition and use case development for remote sensing and IOT projects.

Developing and setting up the sensors and network connectivity layers.

Cloud based data collection, reporting and related data services to help customers gather the data from sensors and creating value added information they can use to manage and grow their businuses.

We are also equiped to provide a full range of services that runs accross the available Sigfox network that offers very compettive connectivity solutions, geared for machine to machine communications.

Our cloud based partners are fully certified Microsoft Gold status partners. THus our backend solutions are build to very high standards and have the required security and continuity built in.


Please contact us for more information on how we can assist your business to connect to the cloud and make the moste of your data!