About Us

Practical Innovations was started as a organisation to employ innovative approaches and solutions to business problems and apply them in a practical and common sense manner.


"Life is simpler than we think,

....yet common sense often does not prevail!"


We strongly believe in innovation and use of the latest technologies yet supported by applied knowledge and some common sense.

Our experience in analyzing and improving business operations covers many years across various industries and organisations.

We also support proudly South African inititatives. We believe that investing in our own local business and people, we can make our world better!



Our Vision:

“Find solutions through applied innovation that is practical and makes common sense so that the outcomes of our efforts are not just incrementally different, they should be remarkable!"


Our Mission:

We want to help you, our clients to become leaders in your respective environments by finding and implementing good and sensible solutions for your specific needs that are longer lasting and actually makes a difference! 


Our Customers:

We believe in a partnering approach and therefore one should view our projects as a team effort. You as the client have to remember that it is your business and you are ultimately responsible for it! 

However, we strive to bring skills, experience and knowledge to your problems so that you might gain significant competitive advantages that can help your business imrpove and succeed.




Contact us and start the improvement process today!